Your COVIDsafe Club

We encourage all staff, members, guests and visitors to practice good hygiene at all times.

We have increased signage within the venue to inform staff, members, guests and visitors of good hygiene practices.

Staff will be discouraged from engaging in personal contact, such as the shaking of hands with fellow staff, members, guests and visitors. Please do not take this in any other way than as a preventative and control measure to help prevent the spread of viruses.

We are also instituting frequent sanitisation of “high touch areas” including bathrooms, door handles and buttons.

All persons whose place of employment, education or socialisation that has been closed due to a confirmed case of COVID-19 are not to enter the Club, all persons who experience or show signs of flu like symptoms are not to enter the Club. These symptoms may include fever, cough, sore throat, tiredness and shortness of breath.

We will also be implementing mandatory temperature checks and contact Information recording on the door on entry for the safety of our staff and patrons. There will be a limit of persons per area depending on the square metres and patrons will be required to remain seated unless necessary.

Baxter's - Bookings available through online link in our catering menu or via Baxter's Facebook page or call 9586 1241.